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Welcome to V3DM Solutions

A Professional Digital Marketing Company In Bhubaneswar

Being a leading web design and development company based in Kolkata, Expro Lab has been providing the best and cost effective web solutions to the clients all over the world since its inception. We provide premium services to augment your web presence. Whether you are launching your business for the first time or trying to bring your organization on a virtual platform online or even for enhancing your company’s present situation, Expro Lab is there for all your web related issues. You will get the website design just as you have visualized it. We are there to transform your vision into reality that too within a specified time limit.


24*7 Support

V3DM Solutions is a professional website designing company based in Bhubaneswar. We are having our client from various industries and served variety of web related projects at very cost effective prices. We will give 24 x 7 Support to our clients.

Out of the box thinking

PLEASE DON’T HIRE US if you need to execute a dead task. We are a bunch of incorrigibly curious, “why not” people who are crazy about Website Development and Web Marketing. From designers, engineers, SEO managers, social media experts and strategists, to our dreamer cook, we don’t care what the nature of the problem is–– the end result is – it’s solved.

Our Thinking

Reuse & Innovate. Our mission statement, corporate mantra, creative compass—call it what you will—can be summed up in two words: Problem Solved.


Many may claim the expertize, a search for our founders can confirm our expertize in the field.Our expertize: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Affiliate marketing, usability, conversion improvement, website development, website designing and everything under web marketing and website development domain (except a crystal ball or a silver bullet)

Strategic Depth

It is common for our clients to approach us requesting assistance in a specific field of digital marketing. As the relationship develops and data is transferred, the knowledge and information we share with our clients offers benefits well beyond the bounds of just one digital field. Seperia has many years of accumulated experience, with a wealth of knowledge and data related to diverse online industries, giving us an invaluable strategic insight, for the benefit of our clients.

Risk Management

Skilled digital marketing talent is hard to find and usually even harder to keep. Engaging with an established agency- such as Seperia- will save you the substantial overheads involved in recruiting, managing and retaining online marketing talent, especially where this is not part of your company’s core operations. natoque.

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